Terms and conditions

To shop at this website you just need to click the desired item, and then chose size, color, etc. By pressing the Add button the desired items are added to your shopping basket, where you can see them afterwards.
Now you can checkout the items: fill out your personal details, so we know where to send the items and then chose your payment method.
Lastly you accept the final amount and are directed to an order confirmation that you can print out. The order confirmation is also sent to you by email from shop@karlslundriding.com.


On karlslundriding.com you can order items from our webshop.

If you have questions for items that are not on the site, you are always very welcome to contact us by email or phone.

All prices on the website are, for Danish customers and private EU citizens including VAT, and for international customers and EU companies excluding VAT.


Delivery of items ordered from karlslundriding.com is considered complete when the customer has received the items.

karlslundriding.com charges for freight as can be seen during the ordering process.

Delivery is normally within a week, unleess stocks are depleted.


You can pay using the following cards: - Dankort - Visa - MasterCard - JCB, etc. - Invoice - invoice with payment details included in package (only approved customers)

Fee for card payment is charged as indicated during the payment process.

The amount is not charged to the card before the items have been sent from karlslundriding.com. The charged amount can never be larger that what you accepted while ordering.

Bank details: Spar Nord Bank. EUR account IBAN nr. DK4692964578560233. BIC/SWIFT: SPNODK22

Security when paying online

Payment with card to karlslundriding.com occurs in cooperation with E-Pay and PBS using "SSL" (Secure Socket Layer). The payment card number and expiry date is sent to PBS encrypted. Outsiders can not get their hands on information about your payment card and neither Karlslund Riding Equipment nor karlslundriding.com is able to read this information.


On karlslundriding.com cookies are used to improve the user experience . Specifically cookies are used to recognize your session on the website, so that items in your shopping cart etc. can be remembered. These informations are only stored until your close your browswer or manually reswet your cookies.

In order to place your order on the website you must register your name, address, phone number and email address.

We only ask for your personal information in order to deliver your items and provide customer service to you.

Privacy policy

A cookie means that a users usage of a website can be stored on the users computer. This helps the website to "remember" who the user is, etc. No personal information is stored in a cookie.

On karlslundriding.com cookies are used to remember who you are, and what you have in your shopping basket.

You can remove cookies from your browser.


karlslundriding.com gives you the ability to cancel your purchase, within 14 days of taking delivery of the items. If you wish to cancel your purchase, you simply send back the items, no later than 14 days from the day of receiving the items. You must return the item(s) in the same condition and quantity as received. After returning the items the full purchase amount will be refunded, including costs for the intial delivery. You only need to pay the costs of returning the items.

Please enclose a copy of order confirmation or invoice. If you paid with card we credit the amount to the card used when paying, otherwise you enclose the necesarry bank information to transfer the refund to you.

You can also cancel the order by refusing to receive the items, at delivery/pickup.

Returned items must be sent to the following address and not a post office or parcel shop:
 Karlslund Riding Equipment
 Ellidshøjgårdvej 25
 9230 Svenstrup J

Your personal information

In order to purchase from the website, you need to register the necesarry delivery information. This is done for each order, or when creating a customer account, so this information can be remembered for your next order. Specifically this is Name, address,phone number, email

We store this information with the purpose of delivering your order to you.

The personal information is registered at Geysir Heste I/S and is stored up till 5 years, after which time they will be deleted.

The information will not be passed to any third party.

Complaints and warranty

As a consumer you have 24 months of warranty, which means that you, at the choice of the seller, can have your item repaired, exchanged or partially/entirely refunded, depending on what is necesarry to solve the specific situation, assuming that the complaint is warranted.

The warranty is 24 months from invoice date on production- and material faults. The warranty does not cover faults, damage or wearing, directly or indirectly caused by wrong usage, insufficient maintanence, violence or unauthorized product interventions. The invoice must be enclosed with a warranty complaint.

Any faults or omissions at delivery from karlslundriding.com, must be sent to the seller within reasonable time (2 months) from discovering the fault. It is the buyers responsibility to describe the fault/omission in detail. If you fint a problem or fault, you must right away contact Geysir Heste I/S / karlslundriding.com, by email shop@karlslundriding.com or phone +45 51 84 85 16. You can complain for faults that are found within two years from the item(s) were delivered.

If the warranty complaint is justified, we refund reasonable freight costs, that you have had for shipping the item.

Return and exchange items must be sent to the following address, and not a post office or parcel shop:

 Karlslund Riding Equipment
 Ellidshøjgårdvej 25
 9230 Svenstrup J


karlslundriding.com reserves the right to change and update these terms and conditions. It is therefore important that you continously read these terms and conditions.

If you have further questions you are very welcom to contact us by phone at +45 51 84 85 16 or mail shop@karlslundrideudstyr.dk