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Basic price € 1.520
Gullet iron angle: 26cm 81°
Leather: Classic € 166,67
Girth straps: 1 + Y
Seat length: 17" (46cm)
Seat depth: Medium
Seat type: Extra soft € 10
Knee roll type: As K3
Knee roll length: Long € 10
Panel shape: Medium
Flocking: Normal latex
Flap length: Medium
Flap surface: Covered
Flap shape: Normal shape
Flap type: Single
Thigh roll: Soft
Thigh flap surface: Covered
Seat color: Black
Piping color: Black
Panels color: Black
Knee rolls color: Black
Flap color: Black
Thigh flap color: Black
Stitching color: Black
€ 1.706,67
Incl. VAT
Estimated illustration only. Saddle is custom manufactured, and cannot be returned Delivery time approx. 5-8 weeks.