D saddle with SuperFit, wide

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D saddle with SuperFit, wide D saddle with SuperFit, wide D saddle with SuperFit, wide D saddle with SuperFit, wide
D saddle with SuperFit, wide

The D-saddle is a top quality leather saddle that is seamlessly adjustable with the SuperFit gullet iron. It is highly flexible and can be easily set to fit your horse using a hex key.

The saddle is built on a flexible synthetic saddle tree with the SuperFit gullet iron and has excellent shock absorption and weight distribution.

Features of the D-saddle are a comfortable padded seat and knee rolls of medium length to support the rider, modern flocking with multiple layers of latex that adapt to the shape of the horse for optimal weight distribution, double saddle flaps, and 2 long girth straps with a Y-system.
The saddle enables a lot of shoulder freedom for the horse to optimise leg and shoulder action as well as promoting good contact between horse and rider. The wide channel, along with a special cut back at the front of the flaps provides freedom for the horse’s spine as well as scapulae, promoting proper use of the back and great leg action. Includes saddle cover.

Made in top quality european leather. Includes saddle cover. Double saddle flaps, 2 long girth straps with a Y-system. Saddle cover included. This saddle can be special ordered with special knee rolls, colors, etc. Contact us for further information.


  • Soft, comfortable and supportive seat
  • Seamlessly adjustable gullet iron
  • Top leather quality
  • High-tech flexible saddle tree
  • Specialized for Icelandic Horse
  • Weight: 6,8 kg.
  • Color: Black
  • Width: 86°-110° (27-31 cm)


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